With rails given the form of a full radius, both at the front and at
the rear side attached to poles, Selvi is a special application that is given the form of an arch.

Selvi has two separate stream pro- files, both at the front and at the rear, that function independently and water drainage requirement that appears as a result of the arch structure is provided equally from each side.



The dimensions required fro the manufacturing of Willow are as provided below;

A: Total width
B: Total declination
C: System Pole height
D: System middle point height

In accordance with the product dimensions and your taste, Selvi can be manufactured in any radius degree requested. Selvi is a very special application in that respect as well.

Inclination is the main factor that enables the water flow to the grooves without accumulating on the fabric and from there, via the drainage, is discharged.



Alternatives of Cross-section:

Basically, Selvi can be manufactured by using the “GOLD” and “DIAMOND” profile series.

While GOLD series meets your declination measurement requirements that are 7 meters
or below in both directions in an affordable way without sacrificing on quality, with our DIAMOND series profiles of declination capacity reaching 9 meters, you may find a perfect solution opportunity for your larger area enclosing requirements.

Method of Use:

Selvi is an elegant design which you can comfortably use both in personal and commercial areas.

Thanks to its independent structural properties, Selvi is a perfect solution to convert all of your outdoor areas into elegant living areas.

Since in each direction there is no need for additional inclination, visually, Selvi provides a spacious and roomy area of use.

The contribution ceiling structure with radius to feeling of depth would give you an unparalleled joy.

When you combine the places that you will establish with Oxia with guillotine windows, folding glass and sliding glass systems, you will have a unique place, which you can use both during winter and summer times.


For each of the 32 m2 fabric area, Selvi requires “1” unit of leg assy.


First time in the pergola sector, “Disaster Discharge” property is unique to Sunset. At times of sudden and very intense rain fall, flooding towards inside problem which you may observe in other pergolas is eliminated by the “Disaster Discharge” and your area of living will not be affected by the disasters.

Stream and Water Discharge Capacity


Sunset A.S. is an Expert certified branch of Somfy brand, which is the finest quality engine producer of the world.

Somfy, which is the most important tube engine producer of the world, enables our product to serve you for many years without problems.

Somfy engines and Somfy Remote Controllers are guaranteed for a period of “5” years.



By taking into consideration that the lighting adds value on the visuality of the product, Sunset A.S. present the most wide-ranging and unique lighting alternatives to taste of yours.

Origin; the lighting fittings that are used in our products are environmentally friendly LED modules and their origin is Turkey.

In LED lighting, with “Colorful Light”, Sunset
A.S. offers “White-Yellow-Amber” and tens of color tones in between these three colors to your service as “standard” for your admiringly use.

Now and then Sunset customers are not obliged to choose “1” color, let the variety add color to your life..

With “Triple Light”, Sunset A.S. offers the opportunity to choose one of the lighting models that very well suit your living area.

Your choice will help you more in personalization of your product. In Turkey and in the world, “3” choice opportunity is only available at Sunset A.S.

“RIGHT OF DIM” Sunset A.S. honored to present the dimmer alternative as standard. Now and then, you do not have to pay hundreds of euros for your requirement of dimmer.

You imagine, let us do it..


Sunset A.S. is a work partner of Sioen, which is largest and highest quality PVC fabric producer of the world.

Only Sunset presents the widest color and design color chart of Turkey to the taste of the customers.

We are confident that, among the fabric alternatives that are renewed every year, you will be finding the color and design that very well suits your living area.




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