SkyFree is the folding and “Bioclimatic” type pergola of Sky family.

Via an engine and spring mechanism that is integrated into the system, the aluminum panels that make up the ceiling move back and forward and enable you to obtain an open, closed or semi- open ceiling structure.

The angles that you will obtain at the ceiling panels gives you the options of protection, ventilation, heat and light control, all at the same time.

SkyFree in those situations when you want to open your pergola fully, it provides you a perfect option as well.

In addition to these, the polystyrene profiles that will be added to the system in line with your demand, will perfectly enable both “heat” and “sound” isolation at the ceiling panels.



The dimensions required fro the manufacturing of SkyFree are as provided below;

A: Total width
B: Total declination
C: Pole height

SkyFree should be mounted with at least 4 degrees of inclination from back to front.

Inclination is the main factor that enables the water flow to the grooves without accumulating on the fabric and from there, via the drainage, is discharged.



Method of Use:

SkyFree has an elegant and solid design that you may comfortably use in both personal and commercial areas.

Thanks to its innovative design and options created in use of area, it creates you areas in which you may live with pleasure.


For each of the 32 m2 fabric area, SkyFree requires “1” unit of leg assy.


First time in the pergola sector, “Disaster Discharge” property is unique to Sunset. At times of sudden and very intense rain fall, flooding towards inside problem which you may observe in other pergolas is eliminated by the “Disaster Discharge” and your area of living will not be affected by the disasters.

Stream and Water Discharge Capacity


Sunset A.S. is an Expert certified branch of Somfy brand, which is the finest quality engine producer of the world.

Somfy, which is the most important tube engine producer of the world, enables our product to serve you for many years without problems.

Somfy engines and Somfy Remote Controllers are guaranteed for a period of “5” years.



Closed, semi-closed or open ways of use will all make matchless contribution to your quality of life. In our SkyCloud product, the aluminum panels that form the ceiling and open with angles between 0 and 55 degrees will provide you an unlimited freedom of use

While SkyFree can be assembled as an independent product that stands on its own feet, via special support weighting arms, it can also be assembled at the areas under ceilings or walls.

Via assembly of desired number of products side by side in the desired direction, SkyFree model will enable you to fully enclose the area that you need to enclose.

Advantages of Use



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